『Find your give-and-take experience』
Workcation Program presented by Nikaho, Akita
“HAGAIGU” means to make progress in Akita diarect. HAGAIGU Nikaho Workcation by Nikaho city helps you set up the most productive environment and balance work and play. You’ll find the best give-and-take experience here.
We have a variety of programs which make use of local resources such as Japan’s 100 mountains Mt. Chokai and Sea of Japan with rich ocean resources and networks of local key players.

Do you want to do a bit of work? Want an experience in different industries? Interested in sightseeing? We are waiting for everyone, individuals and companies.
Find your give-and-take experience
If you are looking for a place where you need and you are needed, Nikaho is for you. HAGAIGU Nikaho Workcation can be a liaison here.

RIch local resources, a variety of local industries, and local key players develop your potential. We have several packages which give you a wide range of experiences such as fishery, farming, mountaineering, or other industry and sightseeing.
We are waiting for you.
You can experience growing rice and green onions which are Nikaho’s specialty crops.
This package will give you an opportunity to harvest green onions or many kinds of real farming experiences.
Smash the Oysters
This program gives you a special experience of harvesting a wild oyster which is Nikaho's local specialty.
You can harvest oysters and knock off clumps of smaller shells with a hammer or crowbar.
Mountain Climbing
Enjoy a mountineering experience with a local . one of Japan’s 100 famous mountains “Mt. Chokai.” A local instructor will show you how to enjoy the mountain activities and high-mountain plants.
Cow Grazing
You’ll see cows grazing in the open mountain and know what it’s like. With a local cattle farmer, you will get a unique farming experience at Kaminoyama farm.
For Corporate Customers
Internal Use (For Corporate Customers)
This is a team building program to strengthen bonds between members of your group and improve the performance of it through in-house training surrounded by great nature.
We will provide you with a workshop activity to promote your team building which can only be done here in Nikaho; a rich natural environment.